Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Showers of Blessing

“Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

Abraham started tithing when God never told him about it. Genesis 14:20 says “…And he gave him a tithe of all.” Jesus taught His disciples about tithing and it is still applicable for all believers. We need to tithe of all the income we receive. I have heard believers ask “Do we have to tithe for this too?” Believers do not forget God is watching us all the time. We can fool people but not God. So be extra cautious when it comes to tithing. If we need a super natural financial blessing in our lives we need to tithe. In Genesis 8:22 we read While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest… shall not cease.”

“And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord’s. It is holy to the Lord” Leviticus 27:30.

Malachi 3:8-10 says, “Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You? In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed Me, Even this whole nation. Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.”

Why should we inherit a curse for not tithing?

From my experience, if we are not faithful in our tithes we will end up in serious financial trouble. How can you receive something for which you have not been faithful? I have seen people very faithful in tithing for small amounts but when it comes to thousands or millions they do not follow the same measure. That too is a problem. Be faithful in your tithing. We read in 2 Corinthians 9:6 “But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Beloved, how can we expect a blessing in our lives when we have eaten up the seed which we were to sow?

Be Blessed!

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